WindStorm Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming can be a real pain! Hauling out your heavy vacuum all of the time can be more effort than it's worth! Never mind trying to vacuum the different levels in your home, or especially those stairs! With regular, heavy vacuums, you need to watch out for the bag getting full, because as soon as it gets near full, you lose a lot of suction power! The Wind Storm vacuum cleaner eliminates these problems, and leaves you with a powerful, lightweight and bagless vacuum!

The WindStorm vacuum is so light - weighing less than 8 lbs! It's so easy to just grab it and use it anywhere in your house! Now taking it upstairs or downstairs is a snap! But not only is the WindStorm vac extremely light, it's also easy to store. The Wind Storm vacuum cleaner won't take up your whole closet with its handy foldable handle!

Forget about changing bags in your vacuum all the time, or losing suction power with full bags! The WindStorm vacuum doesn't use bags! Instead there is a clear-view dust cup that you can change in just seconds! Now it's easy to see when it is getting full, and a matter of only seconds to dump out the cup! You get full suction power every time with the powerful WindStorm vac!

Wind Storm vacuum cleaner uses a cyclonic technology to force air to pass freely through the machine, sucking up everything in its path! Dirt and dust don't stand a chance! If you want your carpet or hard floors really clean every time, look no further than the WindStorm vacuum! And it's super easy to clean edges, corners and under furniture with the wide floor tool!

Here's what you will get when you order the WindStorm vac today:

  • Lightweight upright unit
  • Handheld unit - perfect for those small messes!
  • 26 foot power cord so you can easily do entire rooms without relocating to a new outlet!
  • 2 extension wands to make hard to reach and high up areas a breeze to clean!
  • Upholstery brush and crevice tool - cleaning furniture and getting into those tight areas has never been easier!

You get all this for a fraction of the cost of a regular vacuum! Order your Wind Storm vacuum cleaner today!

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