Smartware Bakeware

Do you love to bake or cook, but hate the clean up? Do your cookies and muffins often burn on the bottom or sides, and end up almost raw in the middle? Wouldn't it be great if everything you baked turned out perfectly every time, and you didn't have to worry about clean-up? Introducing Chef Tonys Smartware bakeware - the only set of bakeware you will ever use again! Smartware baking is the only way to bake - your food cooks evenly EVERY TIME and all you need to do is rinse when you are done!

Smartware cookware is the latest and greatest innovation in cookware! Its revolutionary material is made from Temperflex - flexible yet durable. When you buy Smartware cookware, you will be getting cookware that can go from your oven to your freezer to your microwave! This Smartware silicone bakeware set has everything you need for all of your cooking and baking needs! And Smart Ware can easily be stored all in one drawer!

Do you wish you didn't have to add extra fats and oils just to keep your muffins from sticking? Often even when you slather on the grease, the muffins still need to be scraped out of the muffin tin! When you use Smartware, baking is so much healthier without any extra fats or oils needed! The non stick, flexible material in Smart Ware will just pop out your perfectly baked goods every time! Regular non-stick pans will easily scratch, or worse, the coating comes off on your food! Your Smartware silicone bakeware is guaranteed to never scratch, break or melt for life!

Stop spending all of your time cooking and cleaning! Your Chef Tony Smartware cookware set will give you perfect results every time! You can cook an entire dinner then just rinse everything clean! Smartware bakeware is also dishwasher safe. When you buy Smartware bakeware, you are saving hundreds of hours while baking and cooking perfect dishes every time! Order your set today!

Here's what you will get: 9"x11" roasting or baking pan, loaf pan, bundt pan, cookie sheet mat, serving tray, 2 storage lids and 8 holiday stencils. Smartware is available in these colors: Blue, Terra Cotta, or Stone Gray.

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