Shed Ender Brush
As Seen On TV

Chances are if you own a pet, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your pet's shedding hair off your carpet, furniture, especially your clothes. Pet owners love their pets - but that doesn't reduce the frustration from having to constantly pick hair by hand off of every surface in your home. Have you stopped wearing your favorite sweater or pants because you simply can't keep it hair-free? Finally there is a solution, so you can enjoy your pets AND wear your favorite black sweater! Introducing Shed Ender as seen on TV!

Have you noticed how your pet sheds less after a visit to the groomer? ShedEnder is a gentle brush that actually removes shedding hair from your pet's entire coat - including the thick undercoat, where ordinary brushes usually miss! The Shed Ender brush is specifically designed to work the same as the tools used by a professional groomer. ShedEnder features a unique design that quickly and gently removes all of the dead, loose hair to reveal a shinier, healthier, and shed-free coat! Your pet's coat will look better than ever, and you can finally enjoy a pet hair-free home!

Shed Ender as seen on TV will work effectively and gently on any shedding breed of cat or dog. It's time to love your pet AND your pet's hair! Order your Shed Ender brush today!

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