Original Velform Sauna Belt
As Seen On TV

Wouldn't you like a way to get the benefits of a hot sauna, without breathing in the heavy, stuffy air? Everyone enjoys a hot sauna, but they usually become uncomfortable after just a few minutes. With the original Velform Sauna Belt as seen on tv, you can enjoy the advantages of a sauna, without the discomfort!

The Original Sauna Belt is so versatile - you can adjust it for whatever body part you want to target. Whether you need to de-stress, or could use some heat to help with body aches and pains, simply strap on the Velform SaunaBelt wherever it is needed.

Perhaps you have seen the Sauna Belt TV infomercial, and wondered how it could work for you. Do you suffer from chronic back pain? If so, the portable Velcro Sauna Belt can be worn to provide soothing relief while you go about your daily activities.

Are you frustrated with trying to lose weight in certain "problem areas" - your abdomen, hips or thighs? The Original Velform Sauna Belt can help you to sweat in those particular problem areas - aiding in rapid weight loss. With frequent use, and following the Velform diet plan (included) the pounds will just seem to melt away!

The Velform SaunaBelt comes with a remote control to adjust the heat settings, and provides an automatic shutoff after 50 minutes. You can easily adjust the Velcro Sauna Belt to comfortably fit any part of your body, and it will remain in place. If you don't have time to add something else to your busy day, then the Velform SaunaBelt is for you! You can simply wear the SaunaBelt while you go about your daily activities - whether it's working in your home office, or making dinner!

And that's not all...don't forget the Original Sauna Belt (one size fits all) also comes with multi-level remote control, Velform diet plan, Instructional Guide, and Tape measure so you can measure your progress!

The Original Sauna Belt also makes a great gift for family and friends; whether they are anxious to shed some pounds, or could benefit from sauna heat to de-stress, or soothe aches and pains. If you order the Original Sauna Belt today, you can get a second SaunaBelt at a discounted price!

Why wait? Take advantage of this special Velform Sauna Belt TV and internet offer today!

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