Red Exerciser
the Ultimate Exercise Machine

Do you wish you had more energy? Have you given up on fitting into your old clothes? Are you just too busy to go to the gym? Introducing the Red Exerciser - the newest technology in home exercise equipment! Most of us who need to lose weight would like to concentrate on our mid-section. The Red Exercise Machine does just that! With the RedExerciser you will have everything you need in your own home to lose dress or pant sizes in just weeks!

The Red Exerciser will sculpt your core from every direction, effectively targetting those love handles, and extra pounds in your midsection using the power of rotation. You can do 24 different exercises on the RedExerciser - each one targeting a specific area of your core and midsection. You will actually twist your core into a sleek, toned core in no time at all! The easy exercises target your abs, obliques - all the muscles in the core region, even your lower back, quadriceps and upper body! Top trainers and fitness experts agree on the effectiveness of the power of rotation!

You can toss out all of your old excuses for not exercising and not losing that extra weight! Do you find endless crunches to be uncomfortable - straining your back and neck? The Red Exerciser is so comfortable, you won't believe it is so effective! No time to get out and exercise? Well now you don't have to go out, so you can squeeze in that workout anytime you have a few spare minutes at home. Do you find exercising to be too boring? With the Red Exercise Machine you can easily watch TV while you burn those calories! Is there no room in your home for exercise equipment? The RedExerciser is definitely a heavy-duty, serious machine - however it is also compact and easy to store! You don't need to designate a whole room for the Red Exerciser! All you need is a bed to store it under! The Red Seat Exerciser is constructed of heavy duty steel and can hold up to 350 lbs! With easy to adjust resistance, you can always get the workout just right for you!

It's time to take charge of your health! Doing nothing is no longer an option! Order your Red Exercise Machine today! You will lose a pant size or dress size in just 10 days GUARANTEED! You will receive the Red Exercise Machine, nutrition guide, workout DVD and instruction manual.

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