One Sweep Broom

Is your broom closet full of mops, brooms and other tools - each one for a specific job? Wouldn't it be great if there was one tool that could replace all of these? The One Sweep broom is an incredible multi-tool for sweeping, scrubbing and cleaning just about anything! Say goodbye to that overcrowded broom closet, and say hello to OneSweep!

One Sweep's flexible rubber bristles use static electricity to your advantage. Static electricity can make dust, fine dirt and especially pet hair very difficult to completely pick up with ordinary mops and brooms. With the One Sweep broom, dirt and hair literally jump onto the broom! OneSweep's adjustable telescopic handle makes it so easy to comfortably reach anywhere you need to - adjustable from 32" to 56".

One Sweep is the most versatile broom ever! It is tough yet gentle, effectively cleaning virtually any surface, without the worry of scratching or damaging the surface. Here are just a few of the places you can use OneSweep:

  • Use it on the garage floor for that sawdust or dirt that just doesn't want to sweep up.
  • Clean your hardwood floors without scratching!
  • Use the One Sweep broom on your ceramic tile - it's easy to clean the grout and hard-to-reach areas like corners!
  • Use OneSweep on carpet - even in high-traffic areas like stairs. One Sweep will penetrate deeply into your carpet - deeper than the most expensive vacuum cleaner!
  • Get rid of that pesky pet hair that collects all over the furniture and carpet!
  • Use One Sweep and a little soapy water on the floor to easily scrub away stubborn stains or sticky spills!
  • Turn One Sweep over and use the squeegee to clean your windows, or dry your floor after scrubbing!
  • Use OneSweep to brush the snow off your car, and rest assured that your paint job will remain perfect and unscratched!

The list goes on and on....

Save your time, energy and money - clean out your broom closet and order your One Sweep broom today! One Sweep is yours for only $10.00 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. You will also receive a second One Sweep broom absolutely FREE when you order today. You pay just $6.99 shipping and handling for your second OneSweep.

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