As Seen On TV Floam

If you have heard the kids in your life complain, "I'm bored!", then you know how satisfying it is to find a product (that isn't TV or a video game!) that children love to use for hours. The kids in your life need Floam! When you order As Seen on TV Floam, you are ordering hours and hours of creative play and fun for your children!

What is Floam? Floam is made up of tiny micro beads that stick to anything you can imagine. Kids will spend hours sculpting works of art with this unique product. Floam is squishy! Floam is stretchy! Floam can form any shape. You can mix and match colors for countless creations!

Best of all, Floam can be re-used over and over again. Simply squish it back into the container and save it for the next time. Sometimes kids will want to save their creations - in that case, simply leave it to dry to a rock-hard work of art. Floam is also safe and non-toxic.

You can use Floam to decorate almost anything. It sticks well to most surfaces, so kids can let their imaginations run wild! Use it to decorate pencils, picture frames, toy boxes, shoes... The possiblities are endless! Don't worry - Flome comes off as easily as it goes on!

When you buy Floam today, as a special bonus, we will double the size of your tubs. By placing your order through our secure server, you will receive double-sized tubs of red, yellow and blue Floam. We'll also give you a bonus green tub of Floam. You get all of this for only $19.95! You will also get a step-by-step model making guide for even more kids foam crafts ideas!

When you order As Seen on TV Floam today, you can also order the following:

Floam Family Fun Pack - for just $24.95, you will receive red, yellow, blue, green AND purple and white! Now the whole family can enjoy creating kids foam crafts together!

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