Flavor Wave Oven Deluxe

In today's fast-paced world, everyone is looking for a way to save time. In addition, people are also realizing now more than ever how important it is to eat healthy! How can you eat healthy without spending hours in the kitchen? It's easy with Flavorwave Oven Deluxe! And because you use no oil to cook in the Flavor Wave Deluxe, you can enjoy the benefits of low-fat cooking without sacrificing taste!

The Flavor Wave Oven Deluxe uses infrared technology to cook food quickly and evenly. Do you always forget to thaw out meat in time to cook it for dinner? No problem! The Flavor Wave Deluxe will cook that meat right from frozen in no time! Not only will Flavor Wave Deluxe eliminate thawing out time, but you will end up with perfectly cooked, juicy and delicious chicken, fish, or roast every time! The Flavorwave Deluxe will lock in the juices for a perfectly cooked meal EVERY TIME!

The Flavorwave Oven Deluxe does more than just cook meats - you can also make scrumptious biscuits, cakes, and pies. Forget about the bakery - now you can bake everything right at home but still have that great bakery taste!

How does the Flavorwave Deluxe do it? The secret is in the patented 3-way cooking technology. First of all, Flavor Wave Oven Deluxe uses cooking by conduction - that is how your regular oven works. Secondly, Flavorwave Convection Oven cooks using convection - you don't need to turn or rotate your food, the heat is even distributed throughout the entire cooking process. The third component is infrared technology. Simply put, that means the heat is able to penetrate directly to the center of the meal, all without drying out the edges. This technology used by five-star restaurants is now available for your home with Flavorwave Convection Oven!

Here are some other points to consider:

  • Flavor Wave Deluxe will cook any meal in about 50% less time than your regular oven.
  • Flavor Wave Oven Deluxe will save up to 85% more energy than your traditional oven.
  • Although it is compact and will fit on virtually any counter top, Flavor Wave Oven Deluxe will cook up to 8 lbs of meat!
  • Flavor Wave Oven Deluxe is smokeless and odorless (which is great if you are cooking fish!) and will not heat up your kitchen, RV or hotel room!

Now is the time to start eating healthier while actually spending LESS time preparing meals. Order your Flavor Wave Oven today!

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