Bedazzler As Seen On TV

Are you looking for a way to add glamor to your wardrobe without spending a fortune? Do you wish your favorite comfy jeans were beautiful too? Introducing the Original Bedazzler Machine! Now you can add beauty to your clothing, accessories, even your pet's collar with ease, with the Bedazzler as seen on TV.

The Original Bedazzler Machine is so simple to use. Choose from over 150 beautiful studs, rhinestones and settings included in the Bedazzler kit. Then snap your choice into the Bedazzler setting machine, push, and pop! Your Bedazzler rhinestone setter will add gorgeous rhinestones to your favorite shirt, belt or pair of jeans! Choose gorgeous studs to decorate a hat! You can even create charming giftwrap and greeting cards with your Bedazzler kit!

Don't spend hundreds of dollars on fancy clothing, when you can create your own with the Bedazzler setting machine Not only can you do it yourself, but your creations will be even more attractive than the store-bought ones! When you do it yourself, you will also have a fascinating, one-of-a-kind wardrobe! It really is that simple and easy to use! And because you are using your own clothes, your new creations will be so comfortable as well!

If it's time to spice up your wardrobe, then you need to order the Original Bedazzler Machine today! The Bedazzler as seen on TV comes with 1 Bedazzler unit and over 150 gorgeous studs, stones and settings!

When you order your Bedazzler Setting Machine today, you can also take advantage of these great offers:

  • The Original Be dazzler machine makes a great gift! Now you can order additional Bedazzlers for $5 off each one - you pay only $14.95 plus shipping and handling. Limit 5.
  • Super Stud Set - You will receive 700 (yes, 700!) beautiful designer studs to create anything you can dream! Makes a perfect addition to your Bedazzler kit!
  • Avalanche of Rhinestones - 1,000 beautiful rhinestones and tiffany settings to add sparkle to anything! Use the Bedazzler rhinestone setter to add these high-sparkle stones to anything - in a variety of gorgeous colors including sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz, rose and classic diamond white. Limit 5.
  • Pre-printed Patterns - Now creating beautiful intricate patterns is a breeze - even for beginners. With over 100 patterns for you to follow, your possibilities are endless for kids clothing, western styles, even high-fashion items like gloves scarves and purses.
  • Iron-on Rhinestones - Some fabrics are too delicate for the Bedazzler Rhinestone Setter, but you can still add glamorous rhinestones to your favorite satin blouse, hosiery, or bathing suit with handy iron-on rhinestones. Created from high-quality sparkling crystal stones, you can use your iron and special pattern paper (included) to get professional results every time.
  • Ultimate Designer Kit - If you love the Bedazzler, then you NEED this kit! The Ultimate Designer Kit was created for designers with discerning taste and includes an assortment of the finest accessories you will find anywhere! This is a brand new collection that includes such beautiful items as high-sparkle crystal rhinestones in a variety of colors, including rainbow iridescents, rich faux pearls, stunning silver and gold studs in gorgeous, unique shapes. You will receive 480 pieces in this unprecedented collection created just for The Original Be dazzler Machine!

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